Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The March Violets – Road of Bones promo (self release, 2011)

An unexpected blog entry here, having just heard the first release, the teaser if you will, from the upcoming March Violets EP.

I must confess to much trepidation where reunions of bands I love are concerned – so often it seems that something vital has been lost and somehow things are never the same.

In the case of Road of Bones though, nothing could be further from the truth and what’s more, it just gets better with each listen. The vocals are a bit of a shock initially, but that’s just because the production is so much slicker than it used to be back in the 80s. Such is the wonder of digital technology.

If this is in any way indicative of how the new (and their first) full-length LP will sound then I have absolutely no qualms about having pledged a wee bit of my money towards the project.

Want to hear it?
Of course you do – so like the good little boys and girls you are, why not go here (it may only be available for a VERY short time) and donate a bit of your dosh to help them complete the project:


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