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Lavolta Lakota - Prayer 7” (Factory Benelux, 1984)

This will be a short post, in the main due to so little information being available, and the band having released so little during their existence. This in itself is rather a shame, because what they did do, while minimalist, is difficult not to like.

Started up by Jed, (formerly with Stockholm Monsters) and Dave, Lavolta Lakota sprang up out of Manchester in 1982, which was convenient since it gave them the opportunity to meet Peter Hook of Joy Divison / New Order fame who managed to help them get their single out through the Belgium arm of Factory Records, despite not being formally signed to the label. It also gave Dave some work as a roadie for New Order.

In 1983, the band records the track “Nightmare” on a double compilation cassette The Angels Are Coming (Pleasantly Surprised, 1983) alongside much bigger bands including Bauhaus, The March Violets, The Alarm, Bone Orchard, Death in June, Gene Loves Jezebel, Nico, Artery and Test Department. Interestingly, Jed’s old band Stockholm Monsters also put in an appearance.

Cover art of The Angels are Coming compilation


By the time the single is recorded, bassist Michael Eastwood has curiously decided to start calling himself “Moist” (as you do), and ensuring that the band maintain their distinctive line up of having two bass players. Also interesting is that the single was produced by Peter Hook under the psyudonym Be-Music.
The cover art bears a pleasingly tribal aesthetic, reflecting the band’s interest in American Indian culture which they shared with Southern Death Cult who they would occasionally support. Indeed, Lavolta Lakota translates as “all the tribes together”.



A second single is reportedly planned, but somehow never eventuates. They are successful however in supporting Death Cult, Play Dead, New Order, Cabaret Voltaire, The Fall, and are occasionally joined onstage by Billy Duffy during 1985. Things grind to a halt the following year though as members begin to drift away, some to form BFG and Dave to join Peter Hook in Revenge.

Track Listing
i.                     Prayer
ii.                   Mitawin

No points for spelling

Line Up: Dave Hicks (vocals, guitar), Jed Duffy (bass), Moist (bass), Guy Ainsworth (drums)

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  1. I saw these at FUTURAMA 5 in 1983,I think the twin bass thing produced massive indiference from the crowd.