Sunday, January 16, 2011

Psi Com – self titled EP (Mohini Records, 1985)

Another entry in the “before they were famous” category, Psi Com being the first band to feature the talents of Perry Farrell, later of Jane’s Addiction, Porno for Pyros and Lollapalooza fame. Percussion was far from orthodox, utilizing hubcaps and car engine blocks as well as more conventional drums.

The self-titled EP was the only official release by Psi Com. Pressings were limited to 1500 vinyl copies on the band-owned label. This in itself would have made it rare enough, but more than half the original pressings were warped (and one presumes, unplayable), a factor reportedly intrinsic in Psi Com’s soon to follow break up.

It’s an intriguing album that abounds with allusions to American Indian culture, Hindu mysticism and Aleister Crowley’s system of tarot. At first glace, the cover art appears to be a girl dancing along the shoreline, but closer inspection reveals this to in fact be a corpse superimposed on the background photograph. The album itself eases in and out of tribalistic rhythms, psychedelic influences and odd  moments of introspection. Despite this though, there remains something oddly disengaged and detached about the experience that is difficult to put your finger on. Perhaps it’s easier if you listen for yourself:

Track Listing:
  1. Ho Ka Hey
  2. Human Condition
  3. Xiola
  4. City of 9 Gates
  5. Winds

The self titled E.P was later re-released on CD by Triple X Records (1993) and is still available. However, should you be one of those die-hard vinyl junkies, at time of writing a copy of the original pressing is for sale on - it can be yours for a very reasonable $1,600 USD.

Line Up: Perry Farrell (vocals, percussion), Vince Duran (guitar), Kelly Wheeler (bass), Aaron Sherer (drums).

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  1. Sounds just like its brethren 80 LA goth bands:
    Savage Republic
    Red Temple Spirits
    Christian Death
    Kommunity FK