Friday, September 24, 2010

And Also the Trees – And Also The Trees (Reflex Records, 1984)

And Also The Trees are a band most people tend to hear little about although they apparently possess a huge cult following.

Formed in Worstershire in 1979, the band quickly developed a strong relationship with The Cure, and started out life as their support act with early demos and a single (Shantell-Future Records, 1983) being produced by The Cure’s drummer / keyboardist Lol Tolhurst.

Their first eponymous full-length followed in 1984, and once again produced by Tolhurst. The result was a very pleasing, although perhaps falling short of exceptional album that given its musical parentage unsurprisingly bore many similarities to the sound utilized by Pornography-era Cure. If some of the album seems initially indifferent, tracks like “So This is Silence”, “Midnight Garden” and “ Impulse of Man” do indeed stand out, the entire effect highlighting the group’s own love with a rural and possibly fantastical England of a time long past.

Things had to change though, with And Also The Trees’ very Cure-like sound reportedly bringing suggestions that the group were nothing but a cheap knock-off, a change of direction seemed in order. The result was the critically acclaimed Virus Meadow (Reflex Records, 1986), a very likeable record in itself, in a similar way to how the excellent Current 93, later Nick Cave or perhaps The Legendary Pink Dots are likeable. Brilliant, but musically speaking however, the album had about as much to do with Goth as hanging out at tractor pulls.

Track Listing:
1. So This is Silence
2. Talk Without Words
3. Midnight Garden
4. The Tease the Tear
5. Impulse of Man
6. Shrine
7. Twilights Pool
8. Out of the Moving Life of Circles

Line Up: Simon Huw Jones (vocals), Justin Jones (guitar), Steven Burrows (bass), Nick Havas (drums)

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